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12V Heated Mattress Covers/Pads
12V Heated Mattress Covers/Pads

12-Volt Heated Mattress Covers designed for Trucks/Semi Bunks/RV's/Campers. Stay warm in bed on a cool night!  This is NOT a Fitted Sheet Style but rather a FLAT HEATED PAD that lays on top of your mattress.


  • 12 Volt (Lighter Style) socket plug
  • Warms Bed except under the pillows
  • High Efficiency(over 95%) makes battery operation practical
  • Auto Shut-Off after 10 Hours
  • MADE IN THE USA - Machine wash & dry
*Truckers...Save Fuel with the Bunk Warmer. Sleep warm and shut er down!
(Ice Road Truckers would LOVE these)